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In 2014 and 2015 Rev. Deng returned to provides mosquito nets to reufgees from South Sudan who are in refugee camps in Ethiopia and Khartoum. You can click here Rev. Deng 2014 Sudan Trip for access to pictures of this miraculous grace from the Lord.

Please click on this link to see plans and contribute to the Upper Nile South Sudan Mission Mercy Center as envisioned by Rev. Bafel Paul Deng.

The Sudanese Rev. Deng met there were moved for three reasons:

1) No church visited so they thought they had been forgotten by God and man.

2) Rev. Deng was grace to get through customs and checkpoints because of the favor the Lord gave him from the government.

3) Christians are not in power so all the work had to be competed in cooperation with Muslim partners. An additional grace from God.

There were miracles all along the way and if you desire more detail on this amazing and even miraculous mission trip, you can invite Rev. Deng to come and share. Reach him at

Thank you Jesus for safety, rich and abundant blessing, adequate resource, the courage to go and the fruit that has been produced. If you gave $5 for a net please know that there is a child or senior alive today because of your sacrifice. Hallelu-Jah! Amen.



In December 2005 Pastor Belton and then Vicar / Evangelist Bafel Paul Deng went to Sudan. Evangelist, now also Reverend Bafel Paul Deng, having been ordained into the ministry of the LCMS,  has returned to Sudan and works as the Director of Religious Affairs for the Upper Nile States. He continues in ministry there and really needs your prayers for the expansion of ministry and his protection in this very volitile location.

For More Pictures Click Here

Evangelist Vicar Bafel Paul Deng

Their trip began in Nairobi, Kenya and continued as they traveled through the southern Sudan cities of Yambio, Beguda and Juba.

The delegation from the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod to Yambio, Sudan.

They spent some time in the capital city of Khartoum and visited a market or souk in Omdurman where there is a refugee internally displaced persons (IDP) camp.

Young boy fetching water from the well.

We are working to build a ministry center in Malakal, Sudan and continue to seek donations to help make this dream a reality.

Family in the IDP ((Internally Displaced Persons) camp in Omdurman, Sudan north of Khartoum.

We know Jesus will make a way and we pray that the Lord will place it on the heart of some of our friends to assist us as well. If you would like to donate to our mission trip and our ongoing work in Malakal, Sudan please send contributions payable to:

Sudanese Evangelical Lutheran Church

1679 Columbia Drive

Decatur, Georgia 30032

Attn: Vicar Bafel Paul Deng

Rev. Bafel Paul Deng is now the Chairperson of Peace and Reconciliation Commission in Upper Nile State - Malakal. He is developing Peace of Christ Lutheran Church and the Mercy Mission Center in the  newly formed nation of South Sudan.


Please continue in prayer for Rev. Deng and his efforts toward reconciliation and peace in Christ!