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1679 Columbia Drive

Decatur, Georgia 30032    

 voice (404) 289-1474 - Fax (404) 289-1494                


Peace Lutheran Church is located nine miles east of Atlanta in Decatur, Georgia. During the 1950's and 60's Decatur was a popular suburb of Atlanta that flourished and grew as the city began to become a corporate hub attracting people from all around the nation. Peace Lutheran Church grew quickly in those days and developed a day school ministry. Click here to read an article by Elder Don Pfitzer that was written some years ago. It gives some interesting insight into the history of Peace.

Peace Lutheran Church desires to be a wholistic ministry that encourages members and the community in all areas of health and vitality; life, mind, body, soul, spirit. Here is a picture from our health fair with blood pressure being taken.

In the 1970's the demographics of Decatur began to change and the suburbs began to move further east and farther away from the urban core of Atlanta and Decatur. Peace went through some turbulent years during this time, but through the consecrated leadership of a number of men and women of God, pastors and members,

Youth have always been a vibrant part of church life at Peace. These young people attended a family game night.

Peace has continued to be a vibrant ministry serving the needs of the Glenwood / Columbia corridor.The neighborhood of Peace Lutheran Church is being revitalized and regentrified in the early years of this new millennium so the future is very bright.

Our sanctuary is very welcoming and attractive during the holiday season. Jesus is the reason!

The ministry of Peace Lutheran Church is local as it reaches the members of Columbia Place apartments with a meal and  Bible study, It is national as it works in the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod to promote the ABLAZE movement. The ministry of Peace also has an international dimension through its work with Evangelist Bafel Paul Deng in Sudan. 

Car wash anyone? That is one of the ways our young people raise funds for mission trips and youth gatherings.

If you are ever in the region we pray that you will stop by for a visit. We are sure that you will be blessed.

The mission of Peace Lutheran Church in gratitude for God's love and grace is to encourage people to serve God and others in love and to make disciples for Jesus through excellent and faithful Spirit-filled ministry.

The Mission and Vision we have received from the Lord direct us in the way that we are to go and is a major factor in determining what we are doing and how we do it.

The vision is that the people of Peace pursue R.E.A.L.I.T.Y.

RELATIONSHIP with God and one another

EXERCISE spiritual gifts

ACTING in the authority of the Word of God

LIVING the freedom of the Gospel

IMAGING the unity of the body of Christ

TASTING kingdom fruit

YIELDING to the Spirit of servanthood.

Peace Lutheran Church is a ministry of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod