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This is Pastor Belton's Blog(click the link to enter) A blog (or Web Log) is  a website with  regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. You are welcome to use this area to ask questions and to discuss current events and issues. Pastor Belton will be the moderator of this blog. That means he reserves the right to publish or to refuse to publish material based on content.

So saints. Let's go! Prayers, questions, current events, conversations, share a picture. Happy Blogging!

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Prayer Ministry

Our Prayer Minister, Elder Ulysses Elijah is willing to respond to requests for prayer as the Lord gives him untion and you have the desire for a person with whom to pray. Please call Elder Ulysses Elijah at (478) 494-7936. He will be glad to respond to your prayer request and you will be glad that you called.